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bobbywatson's Journal

bobby watson
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MRS. SMITH: Poor Bobby.

MR. SMITH: Which poor Bobby do you mean?

MRS. SMITH: It is his wife that I mean. She is called Bobby too, Bobby Watson. Since they both had the same name, you could never tell one from the other when you saw them together. It was only after his death that you could really tell which was which. And there are still people today who confuse her with the deceased and offer their condolences to him. Do you know her?

(from eugène ionesco's the bald soprano, of course)


train of thought in creating this community--
"i acknowledge my own pretentiousness. if pretentious is even the right word. i think it's one of those words we misuse a lot, like ironic. anyway i'm not trying to be unpretentious. i think i just want to babble on to other interested people about... lots of things. mostly falling under the umbrella of 20th century literature and art i guess. and theatre. which is art. especially french theatre/art/literature but only because that's what i know the most about and what i find the most interesting as far as breaking rules/changing things et cetera, but please teach me more...! without the community being 'omg i love this piece by dali' or 'existentialism totally got me through my teenage angst, here will you read my bad poetry? it's based on a dream i had last night.' lightheartedness totally welcome though (tell us about the inside jokes in picasso's and braque's cubist paintings), and pop culture connections, et cetera. actually really i don't care how much it falls under the whole 20th century art umbrella. if you want to relate, say, physics to this stuff somehow, that's totally awesome. i guess i just want it to not be a creative writing / art community 'cause there are sooo many of those. quotes, thoughts, discussions you had in class and want to continue, et cetera et ceteraaaa"

in other words, please be silly and intellectual! or just intellectual. not just silly though. there are other places for that.

if you have any suggestions for the interests list or anything, let me know. intro posts and all that are fine, but including something of substance is nice. i hope people will post here! if you take it upon yourself to, say, learn something about a given author or work or whatever and you think we might be interested... or if you'd like to hear someone's thoughts on this or that aspect of this or that whatever... or... yeah.

i am papercrane, in case of... emergency.