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Does anyone feel like they are on a so called Life Path? This is something I think about a lot--and then I found this article today. I'm wondering if it's something one usually notices much later in life--but I feel I've noticed it in mine already.

Thoughts? Thoughts?

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i'm not sure what to start with 'cause first entries should be impressive and all that. jonathan suggested i add alfred jarry and pataphysical theatre to the interests lists, so i did--ionesco was part of the "collège de 'pataphysique" as well, and i was curious 'cause i don't know much about any of the above except ubu roi so i did some googling and found this definition (of la pataphysique) from here--

Un épiphénomène est ce qui se surajoute à un phénomène.
La 'pataphysique dont l'étymologie doit s'écrire * et l'orthographe réelle 'pataphysique, précédé d'un apostrophe, afin d'éviter un facile calembour, est la science de ce qui se surajoute à la métaphysique, soit en elle-même, soit hors d'elle-même, s'étendant aussi loin au-delà de la physique (...)
La pataphysique est la science des solutions imaginaires, qui accorde symboliquement aux linéaments les propriétés des objets décrits par leur virtualité.

here's my bad, quick+dirty translation--
an epiphenomenon(?) is what is added to a phenomenon.
pataphysics ... something about the etymology, from greek, written in the latin alphabet 'pataphysique, preceeded by an apostrophe, to avoid a facile pun...
is the science of what is added to metaphysics, in itself or outside of itself, and extending also far beyond physics/the physical(?) (...)
pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their virtuality, to their lineaments**

*i stole this little image off the site i found the definition--if it doesn't work, it says something in greek and well, it's all greek to me. ahaha

**and i got this last line from the wikipedia article on the subject, since this translation is much better than anything i could get without too much work for a friday morning. i'm still not sure i get it though, really.

there's also a pataphysical calendar, with 13 months, all of which have a friday the 13th.

what makes theatre pataphysical theatre?